Prime Pharma: The Agroprocessing Consulting Leaders

Welcome to the inner circle of the agroprocessing consulting world. In a world where everything is constantly changing, our new website gives you a new look at the company that you know, that you can trust and always turn to.

 Since the 1980’s Prime Pharma has been focused on delivering the best quality products and service. Central to everything we do are the following two principles:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Integrity 

Since the early days when Wolfgang Andree founded this remarkable company, these values have never changed. Although he has passed on and his children have carried the ethos forward, everything that we do at this agroprocessing consulting firm is done with a smile, with heart and with impeccable customer care as a focus.


A Family Unit

For those who have been with us for years, we extend a hearty Thank You! We achieve because of you. We are sure that you will appreciate the efforts we go to in the agroprocessing consulting industry to stay ahead of the herd when it comes to advances in the food industry, adaptations to the shelf life extension of products, the agricultural sector and the international import and export market. We’re sure that you will agree with us, that the changes that we’ve undergone are positive and powerful. You will be glad to know that we still adhere to the principles and values that have enabled us to become a driving force in the agroprocessing consulting industry both in and outside of Africa.


Everybody Is Welcome

If this is your first time visiting us, we extend a warm, openhearted welcome. Whatever your needs, from the increased shelf life extension of your products, to the latest in rapid testing products and equipment, we offer you quality, experience and so much more. Welcome to the Prime Pharma family. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with you: 


The Future is Bright

As the world changes ever more rapidly, we want you to rest assured that you will always be able to rely on the standard of our agroprocessing consulting. As international borders become more fluid and the technological world invites previously unknown opportunities, the need for constant quality will become an ever more important. Don’t get left behind. Choose Prime Pharma.


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