The Healthy Way To Get The Natural Taste You Desire

Why should your customers sacrifice taste and flavour when they want to choose the healthier option? Now with SweetelTM they don’t have to. This all-natural product is sugar free and without the bitter aftertaste of so many other similar products. Because it dilutes instantly in both hot and cold water, it is the ideal option for all sorts of drink and food mixes. With a scientifically precise formula that will aid in body weight control it is also one of cleanest sweeteners available. And if that doesn’t convince you, it is also cariogenic, meaning it will not harm your teeth.


The Sweetest Goodness You Can Get

  • European regulation 1334/2008/EC
  • US Code of Federal Regulation 21CRF101.22
  • GRAS & FDA approved


Sweet Scientific Approval. Your Quality is Assured.

  • No refined sugars
  • No maltodextrin
  • No fructose

With regards the stevia use within the SWEETELTM formula, the FDA considers Reb A (glysocides content of minimum 95% rebaudioside A) a safe sugar substitute. This is what SWEETELTM is using. The FDA has not approved other forms of stevia.


Sweet Wisdom. Did You Know?

  • SWEETELTM has a zero glycemic index, so unlike all other sweeteners, is the ideal option of diabetics.
  • SWEETELTM has received the highest approval from over 80 scientific papers, including a very positive review from the EFSA.
  • SWEETELTM contains minor amount of anti-oxidant contributors such as: polyphenols, cathechins and epicathins


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