Project Description

Say good bye to sugar and its old alternatives and Hello to HEYLO!

HEYLO offers you a way to transform the health profile of your food and beverage products with an ingredient that has no taste, texture or gut-health trade off

HEYLO consists of only two ingredients! Made of a patented blend of natural, organic Stevia and natural dietary fibers

HEYLO enables you to eliminate 100% added sugar and your customers to continue enjoying sweetened foods & beverages

HEYLO’s zero glycemic index can help make your products safe for the hundreds of millions diabetics and pre-diabetics worldwide

HEYLO is available in three different formats: organic brown sugar alternative, natural white sugar alternative and liquid

HEYLO is relatively easy for you to integrate into your food and beverage products

HEYLO offers you a pre-biotic, non-cariogenic alternative with no adverse effects

HEYLO has already been successfully implemented in many food & beverage applications

Why is HEYLO better than other sugar alternatives?

Sugar free Chemical free Pre-biotic Sugar like
1st Generation

Contains all
kinds of sugar

2st Generation

Contains sugars/
alcoholic sugars



We’ve long recogized the need for a truly viable sugar alternative, but were consistently disappointed with the taste and texture trade-offs of available options – until we discovered HEYLO. One taste of HEYLO, and you’ll understand why we are so excited about our partnership.


HEYLO’s technical specifications

Column GRAS
European 1334/2008 / EC
Fed Reg 21CRF101.221
Clean Formula No Refined Sugars
No Maltodextrin
No Fructose
No Dextrose
No Acoholic Sugars
No Erythritol
No Saccharin
No Aspartame
No Sucralose
No Cyclamate
Shelf Life 36 Months
Sweetness vs. Sugar 10x to 15x depending on application
PH Level 5.5 to 7.0
Allergens Contains no Allergens as per EC 1169\2011
article 21
Contains no Allergens as per FDA Food
Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection
Act of 2004 (FALCPA)
Non-GMO As defined in EU regulations No.1829/2003
and No. 1830/2003 on labelling and
traceability of GMO’s and products/
ingredients derived thereof
Kosher OU

The only sugar alternative that actually tastes like sugar

  • No calories
  • No Glycemic Impact
  • No aftertaste or bitterness
  • 100% Natural
  • Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free
  • Prebiotic – contains natural fibers
  • 1 gram of HEYLO = 10-15 grams of sugar

HEYLO is the first and only sugar-alternative that actually taste like sugar – no artificial aftertaste or bitterness! It’s a patented blend of organic stevia and natural fibers, so it’s also considered a prebiotic. With zero calories and zero glycemic impact, now you can make natural and organic products that are 100% sugar-free without compromising the taste, texture, or gut-health.

There’s a new sugar replacer in town … and this one’s a game-changer.

Bewerage Daily, beverage

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