We provide quality enhancing and shelf life extending ingredients used in dairy products. Furthermore rapid tests to detect antibiotics and Aflatoxins in milk to the Dairy Industry. Quality control, shelf life extension and milk analysis are our main focus, but we do offer Temperature Tracking and general eco friendly cleaning products as well for your general areas and your fleet. Recently we started assisting more and more in the treatment of effluent water, to reduce high COD Levels and help with fat and grease build up with our eco friendly cleaning range and Bioremediation range developed with the CSIR.


We are indirectly and directly working with the dairy farmers through our Antibiotic Rapid tests and our Progesterone Test.
We can offer rapid tests for Rapid analysis of Antibiotics in meat, Mycotoxins in grain and feed and Aflatoxins in Milk and Grain. We also help with effluent treatment and waste water in dams that farmers want to remediate for irrigation with the Eco friendly cleaning Range and Bioremediation range. We offer an organic Sanitizer to clean pits and to rinse fresh produce.


We offer shelf life extension products and other Niche market products to the wine, juice and soda industry. We can help reduce high sugar levels in the effluent water with our Eco friendly cleaning range and Bioremediation range.

Food Manufacturers

in general (Bakeries, Ready to Eat meals, Ice cream Manufacturers, Sauces, canned foods, meat product manufacturers ..) we assist with the treatment of effluent to reduce COD levels, sludge build up and to get the ph into an acceptable range. Therefore we help reduce the financial impact of fines given by the Municipalities and lowering the negative impact on waste water on the environment.


We offer solutions for the treatment of effluent in abattoirs, using biological and eco friendly products , with support of our supplier and the CSIR up to irrigation level. We offer general eco friendly cleaning products for all general areas and fleet.


Our Eco friendly Degreaser, Absorbents and Bioremediation range is benefiting the Mining Industry for many years. Our products are all 100% safe to use for humans and non toxic to the environment . The Bioremediation products clean up contaminated soil and water.


Cleaning your transport fleets from inside to outside, including all engine parts becomes a joy with our eco-friendly de-greaser.
We can help you with remediation of your sumps as well if COD levels are your concern. Oil spills solutions for water and soil through our spill kits and absorbents.


We can help you clean all your tools and mechanical parts in the workshop by using our safe and easy to use de-greaser . If you have effluent challenges we can help you to separate oil from water and remediate your water. We help with oil spills through our Absorbents which are enriched with microorganisms.

Plant hire

Apart from cleaning and de-greasing vehicles, engines, tools and mechanical parts in general, we remediate areas where oil was spilled through our bio-remediation range and our absorbents.


We work closely with the municipalities with regard to remediation of waste water and cleaning solutions for municipal areas and plants. We assist with spills and general cleaning of mechanical parts and vehicles.

Pharma Producers

We offer and source raw materials for Pharmaceutical products.