Ensure A Happy Herd With Senna Leaves

Are your livestock struggling with digestion problems? Senna leaves ensure the healthiest herds. Make sure that your productivity and quality levels are right up where they should be by ensuring there are no gastro problems with your cows. If you have the slightest concern or doubt about their gastro-wellbeing, administer Senna leaves immediately.


  • Senna glycosides, or sennosides are utilised as laxatives in numerous fields
  • The dried leaves of the S. alexandrina plant
  • The laxative action is produced through the activity of the glycoside, which enable an increase in gastric fluid secretion and bowel mobility
  • Should only be used for the short term as there is the potential of organ failure due to long term or chronic overuse

Did you know?

It is possible to combine the Senna additives with psyllium husks in order to increase the bulk of bowel movements.

Don’t risk sick and unproductive livestock. Make sure they’re producing at their optimum levels with Senna leaves. Make the healthy choice and contact Prime Pharma today.