• Multi purpose cleaner / degreaser with added organic sanitizer
  • Suitable for use in food industries
  • Earth friendly high performance cleaner
  • Remove food fats and oils from all surfaces
  • Removes fat build-up from Chip Grillers
  • Removes protein in blood of raw meat in Abattoirs
  • Removes grime build-up from floors and tiles
  • Removes scum build-up from soap and body fat in showers
  • Removes vehicle oil from driveeays
  • Removes grease, oil, diesel from workshop floors and plant equipment
  • Supports water treatment efficiency and sustainability
  • Reduction of facility maintenance and life cycle costs


  • Multi-purpose eco-friendly, readily biodegradable water-based degreaser
  • Low foaming
  • Destroys bacteria: Pseudomonas, Escherichia, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Salmonellosis
  • Quick release of hydrocarbons at point of separation
  • Light yellow in colour
  • Odour characteristic – Citrus smell
  • Boiling point – ≥ 100°C at sea level
  • pH – ≥ 11.50 undiluted


  • Manual: Dilute 1 parts product to 10 parts water. Apply directly onto surface, agitate with brush or broom, rinse- away with water
  • High-Pressure washers: Dilute 1 parts product to 20 Parts water, apply directly onto surface, agitate if necessary with broom or brush, rinse away with water.
  • Variations: Dilution ratios be adjusted accordingly.


  • Store out of direct sunlight in cool area – Non Flammable
  • Rinse away with copious amounts of water – Slippery when wet


  1. May be irritating to eyes and skin (R36/39)
  2. Suitable gloves and eye/face protection recommended (S37/39)
  3. After contact with skin wash with plenty of water (S28)
  4. Seek medical attention in case of victim feeling unwell (S45)
  5. Inhalation – Remove person from contaminated area
  6. If respiratory distress persists seek medical attention immediately


Waste Water Treatment Works, Factories, Drains,genereal cleaning, Degreaser and Sanitizer degreaser and sanitizer for mildew and dampness, kills Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, E.Coli, Staphylococcus, effectively. Multi purpose dual sanitizer and degreaser to kill bacteria multi-purpose eco-friendly organic cleaner to kill bacteria, floors, surfaces, walls, windows, stainless steel, tiles, cupboards, transport tankers, shelves, fridges, porus areas


This product is a combination of Ecokleen Advance Degreaser and Hummingbirg Organic

  • Ecokleen is an ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE water based, alkaline, degreasing fluid specially designed for demanding industrial applications. Ecokleen Advance is, unlike many other “water based” fluids currently employed in the South African Industry, it is formulated with the Complete Exclusion of Organic Solvents which renders Ecokleen Advance completely non-flamable and will not support combustion under the unlikeliest of circumstances. Ecokleen Advance is also entirely safe for use on painted surfaces and will not swell or perish rubber components or surfaces. Ecokleen Advance readily releases Hydrocarbons from its oil in water emulsion upon standing for any lentgth of time. This is essential for the successful operation of a separation tank farm and is a property NOT commonly observed within solvent emulsion types.
  • Ecokleen Advance has been formulated ONLY with the latest surfactants technologies 9which comply with the EEC directive73/404/EEC on the Biodegrading of Surfactants and contains NO Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate(s) including NP 9.
  • Ecokleen Advance has been formulated to be Non Toxic and Non Hazardous to humans, abunaks and aquatic life under the EEC hazardous classification.
  • Ecokleen Advance is tested and approced under SANS 1828:2005 edition 1.3 in respect on non-corrosion of stainless steel, being moderately alkaline in nature it is far less likely to chemically attack metal surfaces.
  • Ecokleen Advance incorporates the latest European technology with regarding to chelating agents, these being biodegradable and haping the least impact of their class on the environment and is completely soluble in water.