The new AflaSensor nova quantitative rapid milk test kit combines ultralevel sensitivity with advanced robustness and simple handling. It makes managing the grave Aflatoxin risk simple and fast, for all major types of milk.

Precision from 20 ppt to 150 ppt Aflatoxin M1

Aflatoxin is carcinogenic and toxic, …

Some Aspergillus spp. molds grow on plant products such as animal feed, and produce the mycotoxin Aflatoxin B1. Rising global average temperature and humidity has given rise to this contamination.

Animals consuming contaminated feed produce milk containg the metabolite Aflatoxin M1.

This molecule is proven to be cancerogenic and toxic. Its detection, and management at as low levels as possible, is not only demanded by law, but is an ethical need for any processor of milk.

…manage the risk confidently, rapidly

  • 20 ppt (0.02 μg/kg) LOQ guaranteed
  • Accurate & precise quantification in the range 20-150 ppt
  • Compatible with EU maximum levels for infant formula (25 ppt)
  • Compatible with cow, goat, sheep milk
  • Superior intra-/inter-batch reproducibility
  • Results in just 10 minutes
  • Advanced robustness against:
    • temperature variations
    • fat, protein & bacterial content
    • somatic cells count

Test in 5 Easy Steps

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