Manage antibiotic risk in milk with confidence

For farm use

Easy sampling anywhere | Your results within 10 Minutes | Easy interpretation

Have you ever had concerns that your milk might be contaminated?

Has a cow lost its tag, has a cow calved early or is a cow still antibiotic positive after the withdrawal period?

DipSensor helps you to manage the antibiotic risk at your farm.

If the antimicrobial risk within a herd is not evaluated properly, the consequences for a farmer can be extremely serious:

  • Milk tests positive for antibiotics by the dairy, and resulting in penalties
  • Contamination of the whole milk collection truck

Do you want to be sure? DipSensor gives you that confidence right at the farm!

  • No equipment needed
  • Easy sampling anywhere
  • Your result within 10 minutes
  • Easy interpretation

KIT 900 x25

Each bag includes:

  • 25 test strips
  • 5 dipper tubes

Dipsensor also comes in 50 tests per kit and can be interpreted after 10 min by room temperature or after 6 min with incubation, depending on the need of the client.

The incubation guarantees a stable temperature and enables tracking of results and therefor a more convenient option for laboratories.

Download Brochure and Instruction Manual:

DipSensor KIT900 x25 Brochure EN v.2.1 (pdf, 2 Mb)

QA-IFU-MU-900 User manual KIT900 v.2.4 (pdf, 351 Kb)