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Project Description

Surfactant Degreaser with Indigenous Bacteria

Bio-remediating Multipurpose Cleaner / Degreaser for the treatment of industrial effluent.

Earth friendly biological treatment designed to:

  • Reduce nitrates for the safe discharge of industrial effluent
  • Water treatment efficiency and sustainability
  • Bio- remediation of phosphates, nitrates, ammonium and COD.
  • Reduce facility maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Reduce foul odour.
  • Preservation of our environment and water resources.
    For Use in Municipal waste water treatment plants, laundry effluent, Juice base effluent, sugar effluent and Tannery effluent.


  • Multi-purpose eco- friendly, readily biodegradable water- based
  • Added bacterial mix for bio remediation of industrial effluent
  • Cloudy pearl in colour
  • Odour characteristic: slightly sweet.
  • Boiling point: ≥ 100° C at sea level
  • pH -11 .39 undiluted
  • Supporting CSIR test reports

Applications and Industries

Municipalities, Wine Industry and Juice Industry, at Waste Water Treatment Plants, use where you have the most Residence time. In Wineries and Juice Production Plants, use as an Downstream solution in Sumps and Effluent Plants with Residence Time. In Municipal W.W.T,W breaks down. Phosphates, Nitrates, Ammonias and COD Levels. In Wineries and Juice Production Plants. Remediates the Sugars in Suspended Solids, Decreases in COD Levels. COD LEVELS, T.S.S. SLUDGE