Eco Active VOF

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Project Description

Surfactant Degreaser with Indigenous Bacteria

Food and Fats Degrading Multipurpose Degreaser

Earth friendly biological product to Improve:

  • Water treatment efficiency and sustainability
  • Bio – remediation of food and fat wastes.
  • Encourage breakdown of TPH levels in effluent before discharge.
  • Reduction of facility maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Reduction of foul odour.
  • Preservation of our environment and water resources.


  • Multi-purpose eco- friendly, readily biodegradable water-based degreaser
  • Added bacterial mix for bio re mediation of foods and fats
  • Cloudy pearl in colour
  • Odour characteristic: slightly sweet
  • Boiling point: ≥ 100° C at sea level
  • pH -11.39 undiluted
  • Supporting CSIR test reports

Applications and Industries

abbatoirs, food production companies, bakeries, dairies used upstream and downstream, drains and sumps remediation and degreasing of fat oil and grease decreasing of COD levels decreasing of total disolvable solids (TDS) remediation breaking down of fats oils and grease biodegrading, reduce bacteria, reduce, restore, remove pollutants, degrease