Surfactant Degreaser with Indigenous Bacteria

Hydrocarbon Degrading Multipurpose Degreaser

Earth friendly biological product to improve:

  • Water treatment efficiency and sustainability
  • Bio- remediation of industrial wastes and effluents
  • Encourage breakdown of TPH levels in sumps, effluent treatment plants and other
  • Reduction of facility maintenance and life cycle costs
  • Reduction of growth and transfer of pathogenic disease causing organisms
  • Preservation of our environment and water resources


  • Multi-purpose eco-friendly, readily biodegradable water-based degreaser
  • Added bacterial mix for bio remediation of hydrocarbons
  • Clear, opaque amber in colour
  • Odour characteristic: slightly sweet
  • Boiling point: 2: 100° C at sea level
  • pH: 11.39 undiluted
  • Supporting CSIR test reports

Applications and Industries

Refineries, Transport Companies, Mechanical Workshops used in oil sumps and separators breaking down of hydro carbon oils hydro carbon oils elimination.


  • Light brown liquid
  • Natural Odour
  • Natural mild acidic
  • pH 7.0 ± 10 (dissolution)
  • Density 763 ± 100 g/L
  • Dissipates in water
  • Used as a super concentrate for formutlation for products.

As a bio-augmentation additive for the treatment of wastes containing mineral oils and greases.

a revolution product which has been designed. in conjunction with biosciences at the CSIR in Pretoria.

Bacteria are natures machines for waste treatment

We find the best combination for a specific application

We augment natural systems with the best bacteria

We improve natures blue-print

We package the bacteria into products that users can associate with

Our bacteria are proven safe, indigenous

Produced with pure-strain production processes

Quality controlled throughout process

Stable, tested and proven to work

This product closes the loop to offer a completely environmentally friendly product.

The technology: Proprietary technology developed by the CSIR.

Exclusive license for platform production technology and several products

Trade secret, several trademarks

  • Is a blend of microbes and biodegradable buffers
  • A super concentrate for bio remediation of Hydro Carbons
  • Used as a bio-augmentation additive for the treatment:
  • Remediate environmental contamination
  • Reduces Total Suspended Solids
  • Reduces Sludge build-up
  • Reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand Levels
  • Industries where this product can be used: