The universal solution to detect all antibiotic residues and toxins in milk at once.

In 13 minutes, EXTENSO can simultaneously detect 100+ antibiotic residues and toxins discriminated into 17 specific channels and covering all main contaminant groups such as ß-lactams, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, lincosamides, macrolides, (fluoro) quinolones, sulfonamides, chloramphenicol, trimethoprim, colistin, melamine and even aflatoxin M1.

How to use

With EXTENSO, you can: 

  • alert instantly your QA Manager via SMS;
  • store locally your data (Internal memory, SD card, or USB stick);
  • import automatically the test method associated to the batch number;
  • export the results (Excel, Pdf file) or the raw data;
  • print a report;
  • share these reports through Wi-fi (802.11n/g/b), Mobile data (Sim Card) or Bluetooth 4.0.;
  • send results to a private cloud server, via email or SMS;
  • connect the device to your quality management system through LIMS.

Extenso lets you track any past or present result in your database. The platform ensures traceability for each single test. The biosticks are tagged with a specific barcode for proper batch recognition and sample identification.

Finally, you can locate your device thanks to a built in GPS chip.

Good to know

Milk quality is a major concern.

Farmers, producers and laboratories have to meet European and international rules. They must perform even more stricter controls to ensure the quality of their products. They need breakthrough solutions to detect more contaminants, while allowing them to choose the contaminants they want to be tested.

But, currently, analytical tools are not always adapted to their needs. They have to manage many different technologies from different brands, with complicated test procedures. Professionals of the dairy industry don’t have to spend time managing their data and they cannot risk to lose them! Moreover, connectivity and traceability are nowadays the standards.

Unisensor has found the solutions to all these concerns and integrated them into one platform, called EXTENSO.